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Miami-Dade Police kill suspect in Springs
By Wallace Clark

A chase that began when a driver struck a pedestrian on US-1 in Kendall and fled came to a deadly ending when the driver was found by Miami-Dade Police K-9 teams after a manhunt in Miami Springs. A confrontation ensued and the man was shot and killed by Miami-Dade Police Officers.

Police said the suspect was driving a rental vehicle that had been rented weeks ago with false identification and never returned. After the car struck a pedestrian, the driver hit an unmarked police vehicle driven by a City of Miami Police sergeant.

While fleeing, the driver of the overdue rental vehicle caused several other accidents on SR-836 before exiting on Northwest 36th Street and fleeing through Virginia Gardens.

With Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens officers close behind, the suspect turned north onto South Drive and made a right on Oakwood before stopping, bailing out and running into the neighborhood.

Within minutes, Miami Springs and VG Police were joined by officers from Miami-Dade, City of Miami, Sweetwater, FHP and School Board Police. SWAT members and K-9 officers were called in, including MSPD K-9 Officer Darryl Cates and Thor.

While MSPD blocked intersections, Miami-Dade Police took command of the scene and sent two of their K-9 teams northward down the alley between South Drive and DeLeon. Thor wasn’t needed but Cates trailed along with the Miami-Dade teams.

About 20-minutes later, a neighbor, Richard Puyans, said he heard three gunshots in the alley behind the house on the southeast corner of South Drive and La Baron. Other officers rushed to the area and learned that the suspect had been shot and killed by Miami-Dade Police. The number of officers involved was unclear.
At present, the name of the suspect and personal information hasn’t been released. Police would only say that he’s a black male. The condition of the pedestrian who was struck by the suspect’s vehicle is also unknown.



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