40% of Police Calls Come from the Hotels


According to Miami Springs Police Chief, Armando Guzman, about 40% of all the Miami Springs Police calls for the uniformed patrol officers are for the hotels in Miami Springs.

50% of all Miami Springs Police Department’s criminal investigative work is for hotel related incidents.

Among the problems our police department faces with hotels on 36th Street and along the LeJeune hotel district include:

  • Sex Trafficking
  • Drugs
  • Vehicular Burglaries
  • Shootings

Another Sex Trafficking Arrest in Miami Springs

Contributing to the problem are homeless people from across Miami-Dade County are being sent to live in hotels in Miami Springs.  Panhandling has now become commonplace along NW 36th Street and LeJeune.  Homeless camps at 36th Street bus benches has also become a sight to greet tourists and travelers staying on NW 36th Street.

And we can’t just say “this is just a 36th Street problem.”  The problem infests our neighborhood with residents complaining of trash, discarded needles, trespassing, burglaries, theft, graffiti, and more.

Caught on Camera: Video Shows Alleged Trespasser on Forrest Drive

Many of you have said it over and over again.  Miami Springs is not what it used to be.  Unfortunately, you are correct.  It’s not.

But, we know where the problem is.  A bed tax alone will not miraculously solve the problem.  As a community, WE need to do everything possible not to look the other way, but to face the problem head on.

How can we get more resources? How can we take an “all of government” approach to fixing crime?  We have other departments than can help reduce crime above and beyond the Police Department including Zoning, Public Works, and others.

This is our City.  The hoteliers of NW 36th Street are here to make money.  I’m sure there are some exceptions, but i don’t see any effort on their parts to contribute to a solution.  Until proven otherwise, we can’t rely on the Hotels to do anything proactive.  We need to demand they pay more for Police services one way or another.

Miami Springs cannot be the home to all the homeless population from across the County.  That may be slightly hyperbolic, but the point is, we are hosting an unfair share of homeless for our bedroom community.

We thank the Miami Springs Police for the hard work they do every day and pray for their safety.  But they need our help if we want to return Miami Springs to its prestigious glory days.


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