Last Saturday was 305 Day in Miami…And the conference leading Miami Heat were hosting  the 2nd place Philadelphia 76ers at FTX Arena.  The Heat, which does a great job of incorporating snippets of entertainment during timeouts and breaks highlighted the Miami Springs as one of the neighbor”hoods of Miami.”  They featured a picture of the Curtiss Mansion while highlighting MIAMI SPRINGS on the big jumbotron above the arena.  Check it out below:

Miami Springs at Heat Game

As you can see, the Miami Heat featured Miami Springs while the game was still relatively tight as the Heat was leading the Sixers by 7 points with 5 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game.  After the Miami Springs highlight, the Heat clamped down on the Sixers and only allowed them to score 2 points in the final five minutes.

Final score:  Miami 99 – Philadelphia 82.

The Miami Heat continues to lead the Eastern Conference with a record of 44 – 22.


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