After a record high number of 65 reported criminal incidents in July, the number of incidents came back down to a more normal 45 criminal incidents during the month of August.  The 45 incidents in August was just one more than the 44 reported incidents in August of last year.


There were 4 reported incidents of assault last month or one less than August of last year.  Included in that number were 3 cases of Assault with a deadly weapon.  Two of those incidents occurred on the first block of Curtiss Parkway.

Last week, we reported that Miami Springs Police had arrested and booked Edward Fortney.  He was charged with Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Deadly Weapon on a Senior Citizen.  Click here to read the full story.


There were 3 reported incidents of Breaking & Entering last month or 50% less than the number of Breaking and Entering cases in August of 2018.  However, there were two incidents of breaking and entering that were Residential Burglaries. There were no Residential Burglaries in August of 2018.  The two Residential Burglaries occurred along the 1100 block of Robin Avenue and along the 300 block of Pinecrest Drive.


There was one incident of an Armed Robbery last month that occurred along the 700 block of Curtiss Parkway on August 25th at around 5pm.  There were no robbery incidents during August of last year, but it was less than the two robbery incidents we had in the July 2019.


Vehicle burglaries dropped 44% compared to the prior month and 18% compared to last year.  (5) vehicle burglaries along 36 Street, (5) vehicle burglaries along LeJeune Road, (2) vehicle burglaries along S. River Drive, (1) vehicle burglary along the 700 block of Curtiss Parkway, and (1) vehicle burglary along the 300 block of S. Royal Poinciana Boulevard.


Despite the drop in vehicle burglaries, there was an increase in thefts during the month of August.  There was a record high 16 reported theft cases during the month.  That’s a 45% increase compared to the prior month and a 23% increase compared to last year.  There were (3) reported incidents of “Theft of Auto Accessory”, (1) reported incident of “Theft from Building”, and (12) reported incidents of “Theft Other.”

Last week, we posted a report from WSVN of a woman arrested by the Miami Springs Police and charged with fraud.  Click to read more.


There were 4 reported cases of stolen vehicles during the month of August.  That’s down from the 5 reported incidents last year and 5 reported stolen vehicles last year.



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