A recent incident unfolded in the 600 block of Curtiss Parkway as an individual named John Koonce allegedly entered the fenced backyard of an occupied residence. The unsuspecting residents were in for a surprise when Koonce decided to help himself to a beer from an outdoor refrigerator.

Arrested by the Miami Springs Police Department (Photo Credit: Miami Springs Police Department)

Adding to the peculiar situation, Koonce didn’t stop there. Before making his exit, he went on an unusual mission, pulling on every door handle in an attempt to gain entry into the home. Fortunately, the quick response of law enforcement officers led to Koonce’s timely detention and subsequent arrest as he was leaving the backyard.

John Koonce Arrested and Charged with:

  1. Burglary (Occupied Dwelling)

REMINDER:  Everyone is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law



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