The annual Miami Springs Virginia Gardens Optimist Club Soccer Awards Ceremony was held on Sunday, February 23rd at Virginia Gardens Field.  It was a gorgeous sunny day with a nice breeze that kept the heat at bay and the kids cool.

The annual event honors the teams, coaches, and supporters of the wonderful local program that adds to what makes our community so special.  Every child from each team was recognized for their participation.  And there were smiles from all the kids.

Below are some of the video highlights we broadcasted live via the Facebook Page:

Miami Springs Senior High’s Coach Drew was recognized for his efforts with local soccer.

Two of the key figures among the many people who make the Miami Springs VG Optimist Soccer program a success every year are Spencer Deno (left) and James Carter (pictured at right being honored for his efforts.)

Martiza Fernandez, Macbeth Arague, and Joe’s Smoking Grill honored for their support of the MSVG Optimist Program.

Spencer Deno recognizing some of the young referees who work the in house games.

Special thanks to Hurricane Lodge 401 for their donation and support of the MS VG Soccer program.

Of course, what everyone loves most are the pictures of the kids.

We especially loved the young lady’s boots in this picture…

The young soccer players received shiny medals and a soccer ball.

Virginia Gadens Council President, Gabriel Fernandez, is also a coach for his daughter’s soccer team.

…and they know how to make the best funny faces.

Special happy birthday to Brisa who not only received her medal, but also celebrated her birthday weekend.

One Sebastian, Two Sebastian…

Sebastian showing off his medal and soccer ball.

Victoria sharing her victory smile.


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