Local studio, BKS, has been providing international studio services since 1958. In fact, BKS is one of Latina America’s oldest and best dubbing studios.  BKS produceS TV shows, music videos, video commercials, digital explainer videos, promos, trailers, video for radio shows, 2D & 3D animated content including walkthroughs, corporate AVs, product stills, graphic images, jingles, radio ads, audiobooks, original audio dialogs and musics for animation, games and virtual reality. We translate & dub content in all languages. They also offer brand solutions like conceiving ad campaigns, developing apps and games.


This local studio gem now has a casting call and voice over auditions.  Specifically, BKS is seeking 40 African American Male (20) and Females (20), ages 20 – 60 voice actors.  Previous experience wanted, but not required.  They are looking for an accent close to Samuel L. Jackson and Angel Basset to do a “The Catcher in the Rye” 30 minute narration from the book.  They need the voice actor to show different emotions such as happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, and anger.

The audition rate for the selected voice actors is $100 for one hour.

Interested parties are asked to send a short recorded submission along with their contact information to Casting@StudioBKS.com.




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