YouTuber RailROL82 highlighted Miami Springs’ Vertical Lift Bridge that connects Miami Springs to Hialeah.  Here’s the commentary he posted on his video:

“What does this vertical lift bridge look like 84 years after this picture was taken in 1935 ? This historic drawbridge was built in 1927 by the Champion Bridge Company of Ohio in the Miami River where NW 36th Street is now. It was then barged to its current location in 1954 and another drawbridge was built in its place which is a future video. It is now at E. 1st Ave between Hialeah and Miami Springs as an exit from the latter. It is 74.5 feet high and 158.2 feet long, spanning a distance of 132 feet. Each original counterweight weighed about 125,000 pounds. They were removed in 1983 because there was no longer any need to raise the bridge to allow large boat traffic to pass. The bridge tender’s house was removed also. Join me for another Time machine video from 1935!”



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