The Ukrainian people are under attack as Russian forces commanded by the long serving Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, have invaded the nation.  As I’m sure you’ve seen by now, innocent Ukrainians have been killed and maimed under the Russian military onslaught.

As war continues, the need for basics like food, water, and medicine becomes more and more imperative.  The Milam’s family has stepped up as they have done so many times to help raise funds for the International Committee of the Red Cross to help provide emergency assistance such as food, water, and other essential items.  Here’s the statement from Milam’s Markets:

“As you know, we are one of those companies that do collections at the register. It is often easy to sigh at these things and sometimes you may even find it an annoyance, but we are a community store and we firmly believe it is important for us to do what we can for our neighbors. The cents and dollars you choose to donate add up to a big impact in our local community and every cent we raise gets passed along to what we are raising for. You, our family, and our associates all take part in these collections and in just two years we have raised above $200k for local organizations.

Now we are choosing to extend our reach across the globe as our hearts ache for the innocent people of Ukraine. We will be collecting money at the registers to donate to the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

For more information on ICRC, please visit

As a final note- please remember to always show love for humankind. We are all here on this Earth for each other.”

Milam's Markets Miami Springs (Photo Credit:
Milam’s Markets Miami Springs (Photo Credit:

We’d like to thank Milam’s Markets for always going above and beyond to support our community, or as in this case, a community far away that is in desperate need.  We also want to thank the Miami Springs Community for always coming through to donate to help these causes. God bless you all and pray for the people of Ukraine.



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