We teased a trailer recently for “MilkShakes” a short film shot entirely in Miami Springs by local students.  Now, the short film has been released.  You can see the suspense film for yourself below.  Note:  The short film is Rated R for language and adult subject matter.

The film was shot primarily at the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club. Special thanks to the team at Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen and Bar for accommodating the student film crew.

Here’s the synopsis from the director:

Synopsis: When 17 year old Leana decides to meet up with mystery man Elijah, whom she met on an online dating site, she realizes that he is not exactly the man she thought he was.

Written, Directed, Edited, and Produced by: Natalia Suarez
Music Written and Composed by: Christopher Artau
Leana: Tatiana Calzadilla
Elijah: Angel Rodriguez
Victoria: Angelina Caride
Savannah (Waitress): Allyson Abarca
News Reporter: Michael Salas
Extra: Lakshmi Aroca
Extra: Nicole Gonzalez
Extra: Tristan Barriento

I want to give the biggest thank you to my incredibly talented cast: Tatiana, Angel, Angelina, Allyson, Michael, Lakshmi, Nicole, and Tristan. I would also like to thank the music composer of this film, Christopher Artau. Without them this film would not have been possible. Collectively each one of them came with such diligent work ethic and a positive attitude every day, that we were able to complete this short film efficiently. This group of young, talented individuals will forever hold a special place in my heart, along with this short film.

This is only the beginning. I hope you all enjoy: MILKSHAKES

With Love,

Natalia Suarez


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