The 3 square miles that make up Miami Springs is home to quite a variety of diverse wildlife.  From foxes to fish.  From burrowing owls to hawks.  Alligators and iguanas.  Natives and non natives.  Miami Springs definitely gets its fair share of local wildlife.

Recently, we’ve seen a growing number of chickens calling Miami Springs home.  We had a little fun taking a picture of the following rooster literally running around the Circle.  At least he knows how to follow the traffic pattern.

Chicken Running Around Miami Springs Circle

This week we had a reader shared pictures of Peacocks in Miami Springs.  The following picture was taken along Westward Drive near Iroquois and Lenape.

Peacocks in Miami Springs
Photo Courtesy Jasmin Helfer Wardy

As you know, Miami Springs is a bird sanctuary.  It’s illegal to capture and / or harm birds within city limits.

Peacocks in Miami Springs
Photo Courtesy Jasmin Helfer Wardy

We also had a whole slew of photos taken by Miami Springs residents and posted to the Miami Springs Community Group via Facebook.

Photo Courtesy Ignacio Machin via Facebook
Photo Courtesy Roger Madan via Facebook
Photo Courtesy Diane Biondi Pellini

Photo Courtesy Debra Williams Oliva via Facebook

Photo Courtesy Tanya Lopez via Facebook
Photo Courtesy Tanya Lopez via Facebook

Peacocks are not new to South Florida.  There are thriving populations in the Grove and in Coral Gables.  Residents in those areas have had a mixed love / hate relationship with the big birds.  They are undoubtedly beautiful.  Especially the male peacocks with their colorful plumage.

Critics on the other hand, decry the loud calls and large waste left behind by the large foul. 

We want to know what do you think?  Do you like the idea of seeing peacocks in Miami Springs?  Please comment and share with neighbors.


  1. Peacocks ate beautiful and deserve to live life like any other animal. I think that they should stay where they are. If there is poop kust hose it down.


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