In the realm where education and industry converge, extraordinary achievements take flight. MSSH Logistics shares Jose Zuniga’s story as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration. Completing his tenure in the M-DCPS Career & Technical Education Summer Youth Internship Program, Jose was paired with local business leader Doral Auto Care.

Jose’s commitment to growth and learning is a beacon of inspiration. His achievements stand as an example to his exceptional character and his eagerness to seize every opportunity. With a promising future ahead, Jose embodies the remarkable potential that emerges when passion aligns with opportunity.

Photo Courtesy of: @MSSHLOGISTICS

Freddy Lozano and the dedicated team at Doral Auto Care played an instrumental role in this journey. Their commitment to nurturing young talent and sharing industry expertise has been a driving force behind Jose’s success.

Photo Courtesy of: @MSSHLOGISTICS

The partnership between Jose, M-DCPS Career & Technical Education, and Doral Auto Care illustrates the incredible outcomes that can be achieved when students and industry partners join forces, fostering a brighter future for all.


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