1/24/2017 0:00:00

We are happy to report that Miami Springs residents will get their wish. The new Senior Center will stay on Payne Drive. In a unanimous vote Monday night, the City of Miami Springs on recommendations by the City Manager, voted to move forward with plans to build a new Senior Center at the Prince Field location instead of the controversial pick of building a senior center at the golf course.

Earlier this month we reported on how the City of Miami Springs was mulling over a controversial proposal to develop a huge 10,000 square foot building on the Miami Springs Golf Course to house a new senior center and multi-use building.

The proposed location was just west of the Curtiss Mansion in an area commonly used as a backdrop for wedding pictures at the Mansion.

For some time now, residents have been protesting and expressing their objections to building on the golf course. Concerned residents paid for ads in the Gazette to share their concerns. Others spoke at Council Meetings. (You can see what residents had to say in the videos below.) Still others sent emails, commented on Facebook, or the good old fashioned political discussion at Milam`s. Plainly put, many residents are not happy with putting a 10,000 square foot building on the golf course.

Most residents have not objected to the idea of a new senior center. In fact, most residents have been supportive of the idea of a new senior center. They just don`t want a huge building on the golf course that begins to deteriorate the value of the golf course, the value of their homes, and the value of our community.

What do you think? Are you happy the city is moving forward with a new senior center at Prince Field?




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