The newly released proposal to build the Miami Freedom Park, a soccer park, at the current Melreese Golf Course run by the City of Miami, would make the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club the closest golf course to Miami International Airport.  This could be huge for the long term financial viability and usage of our Miami Springs Golf Course.  The plan would eliminate the closest competitor to the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.  Those golfers still need a place to play and Miami Springs has got the perfect location.  



 Rendering of the proposed Miami Freedom Park with the downtown skyline in the background.

Below, you’ll find a map of the current Miami area golf courses.  As you can see below, Melreese is the closest golf course to the airport.  But if it becomes a soccer park, Miami Springs would be the immediate closest choice for those who currently play at Melreese and/or who want to play near the airport.


Below, you’ll find images of the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.


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