On February 22, 2019, Miami Springs Police were dispatched to the Barber shop located at 680 South Drive after reports of multiple shots fired.

Upon arrival, MSPD found that 13 gun shots were fired from inside the barber shop toward the rear door.  8 of the 13 shots penetrated a second door and hit a car in the parking lot.

Fortunately no one was hurt.

Sample Taurus 9mmMiami Springs Police were able to identify the alleged shooter as Alonso Prieto.  With the help of a witness, the police were able to locate Prieto at an apartment complex at 55 Fairway Drive.

Upon arrival at the scene, it became evident that Prieto was attempting to barricade himself inside the apartment.  MSPD used a sledge hammer to gain entry.

Prieto had a gun at arm’s length, but the responding officers were able to remove the gun from reach and successfully detain Prieto despite his attempts to resist.

Read the complete Police report including Miami Springs Police Officer Helfner’s official statement below:

“I was dispatched to the listed to the listed location in reference to multiple gun shots fired inside the Barber Shop and a vehicle that was shot at as well.¬† I was further advised from MSPD dispatch that the subject may or may not still be on scene due to a 30 minute time delay of the incident.¬† Upon my arrival, I made contact with W-1 (witness 1), Martinez.¬† Martinez advised he works at the Barber Shop and so does A-1, Prieto who discharged his handgun at the rear exit doors of the shop.¬† Martinez advised he was sitting in his barber chair watching a movie on his phone when Prieto came out of the restroom with a very aggressive demeanor.¬† Martinez advised he did not move from his chair causing Prieto to become more aggressive.¬† At this point, Martinez advised that Prieto pulled out a black handgun (Taurus Millenium 9mm) from his waistband and discharged thirteen 9mm rounds at the rear door which leads to an emergency exit door of the Barber shop.¬† Martinez then ran outside to the front of the Barber shop as Prieto was still walking around inside.¬† Several minutes later, Martinez sees Prieto run out the emergency exit door and run towards the direction of the apartment complex in which he resides at.¬† I observed several 9mm shell casings lying on the floor.¬† there were a total of thirteen rounds shot at the inside door, eight of which that went through both doors and struck the listed vehicle parked behind the exit door.¬† There is approximately $4,500.00 in damage to Campo’s vehicle and $1,100.00 to the barber shop doors.

When speaking with Martinez, I was able to obtain a clothing description, a last direction of travel, and where Prieto could possibly be.  Prieto was described as aggressive, extremely intoxicated and has a large amount of weapons in his apartment.  I issued a B.O.L.O. (BE ON THE LOOKOUT) over MSPD frequency of the aforementioned information.  After completing a records check of Prieto by obtaining his name and date of birth provided by Martinez, a records check revealed a location of 55 Fairway Dr. Apt #26E, where Prieto currently resides.

A perimeter was established around Prieto’s apartment.¬† Officers on scene all gave loud verbal commands to Prieto from outside the front door to come outside.¬† Carlos Alonso, Prieto’s brother, made several attempts to encourage him outside via cellphone.¬† Prieto stated in Spanish, “I’m not opening the door, come get me!”¬† After giving verbal commands to Prieto again, there was no response.¬† I then could hear from outside the front door, items being shifted around by the front door, items being shifted aroud by the front window.¬† verbal commands were continued and nor response was given.¬† Due to exigent circumstances, the concern for Prieto’s well being and the safety of other residentes near by, a sledge hammer was used to breach through the front door to make entry.¬†¬†

Once inside, I observed Prieto lying on the ground in his bedroom with the door half way open.¬† I also observed a black handgun on the floor within arm’s reach of Prieto as well.¬† Verbal commands continued to be given in which Prieto gave no response.¬† Ofc. Garcia (I.D. #0183) and Ofc. Gonzalez (I.D. #0203) and myself entered towards the bedroom and immediately removed the handgun from arm’s reach.¬† As Ofc. Gonzalez and I were attempting to take Prieto into custody, Prieto reached in the same location of the aforementioned handgun was.¬† Prieto then resisted and was able to get both of his hands down inside his waistband.¬† After several minutes of struggling with Prieto, I was able to place handcuffs on Prieto and take him into custody.¬† Also within arm’s reach was a fully loaded 12 gauge pump shotgun lying on his bed with a large amount of ammunition.¬†¬†

While Prieto was in custody, he lost his balance and fell forward to the ground causing multiple facial contusions and lacerations.¬† Miami-Dade Fire Rescue #202 (Alarm #9041003) responded and transported Prieto to Hialeah hospital.¬† Once at Hialeah hospital after several medical tests, Prieto was discovered to have a blood alcohol level of .460 and sustained a nasal bone fracture from the fall.¬† Prieto was eventually medically cleared for his injuries and was transported to MSPD for process and TGK for booking. “


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