Red Tailed Hawks Shut Down Tennis Courts


Want to go play tennis?

Maybe not today.

The Miami Springs Tennis Courts were shut down due to the ongoing threat from aggressive nesting red tailed hawks who are nesting behind the Miami Springs Library.

Red Tailed Hawk
The City of Miami Springs issued a wildlife ALERT near the tennis courts.  There’s an aggressive hawk protecting the nest.
Here’s the official statement from the city:
“There is a red-tailed hawk protecting her nest and attacking walkers nearby. Her nest is on a tree at the Miami Springs tennis courts right behind the library: 401 Westward Drive. Please avoid the area.”
Tennis Courts

WPLG filed the following report on the matter.

WSVN 7 had the following report:




  1. So sad that resident recommended getting rid of them considering they came feeling comfortable and welcomed in our bird sanctuary designated city.


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