NBC 6 is reporting that 21 year old Raynel Gallego was arrested yesterday.  He is alleged to have been involved in an “attempted first-degree murder and carjacking” at the Days Inn located at 4767 NW 36th Street on October 10th.

According to NBC 6, the victim was “hanging out with Gallego and Gallego’s girlfriend.”  It’s not clear what happened, but while the victim was sitting in his car, Gallego stabs him in the chest.  This is why he’s facing attempted first-degree murder charges.

After being stabbed, the victim fell out of his car and onto the floor.  That’s where Gallego is alleged to have stolen the victim’s car and drove off.  That’s why Gallego is facing carjacking charges.

According to NBC 6, the victim was transported to JMH’s Trauma Center and is recovering from a punctured lung.

The alleged attack occurred on October 10th.  Gallego was arrested on October 22nd.  According to NBC 6, Gallego is being held without bond.


We are now seeing a pattern of violence that continues to happen along this block.  Just last month, there were 3 reported incidents of assault that occurred on the 4700 block of NW 36th Street.  Click to see the September Crime Summary.

Read the full NBC 6 Report at:



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