We just got back from the SebastianStrong 5k.  We have over 900 photos to process, so check back to come see your finish line photos.  But before we headed out to a busy day, we wanted to share the LIVE stream videos we shot from the race.

SebastianStrong 2019 5k Winner

Before we get to the videos, we want to thank the SebastianStrong Foundation and everyone involved in putting the race together.  The SebastianStrong Foundation is a great cause focused on finding a cure for childhood cancer.  One of the things we love about SebastianStrong is that they work directly with the doctors researching for a cure.  In fact one of the doctors flew down from New York just to speak to the crowd of runners, spectators, and volunteers who had gathered at this event.

We also want to thank Oscar and Rose Ortiz for all the love and support they put behind their foundation.  God bless you two.  We love you.


Pre-Race 1

Pre-Race 2

Finish Line



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