Just as Thursday’s rush hour traffic was about to get started, a powerful afternoon swept through Miami Springs with winds estimated at about 50 mph.  The powerful storm deluged the area, knocked down trees, and caused a traffic mess.

According to the National Weather Service, Miami International Airport recorded 2.4 inches of rain this afternoon.  As you can see above, that left many Miami Springs roads covered in water before receding after the rainfall.  However, WSVN reported that Miami Springs had received up to 4 inches of rain.

However, the wind gusts were pretty significant.  The rain was coming down horizontally as the gusts of wind pounded the heavy rain against the windows.

But as you can see in these photos, the wind did damage to many trees knocking down tree limbs throughout the city.

There was even a huge Royal Poinciana Tree that came down on a home located along Meadowlark Avenue in the Bird Section.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and the tree didn’t appear to cause structural damage to the home.



However, the storm also knocked out the traffic lights at NW 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway.  Fortunately, Miami Springs Police officers were dispatched to the intersection and shut down southbound traffic at NW 36th Street and Curtiss Parkway.  That helped to keep the eastbound traffic moving along NW 36th Street.  But the westbound traffic was a nightmare.

As you can see in the video above, traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see.  In Virginia Gardens, NW 66 Avenue was backed up with vehicles attempting to reach NW 36th Street all the way to Lafayette Drive.

Fortunately, the rain subsided shortly after 5pm.  However, at 9:32pm, the National Weather Service issued a Flood Advisory in effect until 11:30pm Thursday, August 17th.




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