A recent incident in the bustling city of Miami unfolded as Lowe was apprehended after reportedly assaulting two individuals. The ordeal commenced within the city limits, only to escalate when he followed his victims to their hotel located in Miami Springs. Hotel staff promptly recognized Lowe as a fellow guest, and it wasn’t long before law enforcement located him outside his hotel room.

Arrested by the Miami Springs Police Department (Photo Credit: Miami Springs Police Department)

As officers moved to detain him, the situation intensified as Lowe fiercely resisted arrest. He engaged in a physical altercation, resorting to punches and resistance while officers worked to place him in custody. The confrontation reached a climactic point when he managed to damage the plastic seat of the patrol vehicle following his placement in the back.

Arrested and Charged with:

  • Battery/ Police Officer
  • Resisting Officer with Violence
  • Criminal Mischief over $1000

The aftermath of the encounter saw Lowe’s journey to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center (TGK), where he would face the legal ramifications of his actions.


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