1/27/2007 0:00:00

After an exciting weekend of Conference Championship football, we`re down to the final game. The SuperBowl.

What? You don`t have tickets?

With the exception of a very lucky few that will actually be at the game only a fiew miles north of Miami Springs, most of us will be glued to a TV to watch the Indianapolis Colts confront the Bears of Chicago.

Tom`s NFL and the Hurricane Bar and Grill are sure to be rocking. Cisco`s used to be a good place to watch, but if you haven`t noticed…It`s gone.

Anyhow, I`m going to go out on a limb and against conventional wisdom by predicting a win by the Chicago Bears. Yes, I know the Colts offense is incredible. Yes, I know former Gator Rex Grossman hasn`t done well in games played in Miami. However, I think Grossman will play efficiently. The Bears defense is also licking its chops at a chance to beat up Mr. Manning.

At the end of the day, most championships are won by defense. Here the Bears have a clear advantage.

I like Peyton. It`d be nice if he won it all. But I think da Bears are going to steal this one.

Enjoy your SuperBowl weekend in South Florida!



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