According to a WPLG Local 10 report, the Taj Mahal Bengal Indian Cuisine restaurant located on 36th Street in Miami springs, was ordered shut down on January 24th due to 23 health code violations.

According to the report the violations included:

  • “15+ live roaches on the wall above the 3 compartment sink”
  • “25+ live roaches crawling on the wall next to the stove in the kitchen area”
  • “10+ live roaches behind the paper posted on ware washing area wall”
  • “15+ roach droppings underneath a shelf in the dry storage area”
  • “3 dead roaches on premises in a dry storage room”
  • 2 dead roaches “inside light cover in the men restrooom”
  • Potentially hazardous care of food (time / temperature control for safety)
  • “Build up of food debris, dust or dirt on nonfood-contact surface.”
  • “Outer openings not protected during operation and vermin and/or environmental cross contamination present…”

To see the complete details and the full Local 10 Report, click here.

The Taj Mahal Bengal Indian Cuisine restaurant is located at 4579 NW 36th Street.


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