Tammy Romero, the City of Miami Springs Assistant City Manager, shall serve as the Interim City Manager effective June 1st.  As we reported back in February, the current City Manager, William Alonso, announced he would be retiring at the end of May.

City Manager William Alonso Retiring

As a result of the retirement, the City of Miami Springs City Council, (which has the authority to hire and fire 3 positions:  City Manager, City Attorney, and City Clerk) decided to conduct a professional search for a new City Manager.  The Council chose the executive search firm, the Mercer Group, to conduct the search for the new Miami Springs City Manager.

City of Miami Springs Searching for New City Manager

However, due to the time frame, the City of Miami Springs needed to assign an interim City Manager to fill the gap in between the time Alonso resigns and the time a permanent new City Manager is hired.

At Monday’s Miami Springs City Council Meeting, Tammy Romero was selected as the interim City Manager.  That said, Ms. Romero has applied for the City Manager role and may ultimately be selected as the permanent City Manager.

Tammy Romero - Photo Credit City of Miami Springs
Tammy Romero – Photo Credit City of Miami Springs

As a reminder, the way the City of Miami Springs is structured, the City Manager is the most powerful role in the City.  The City Manager acts as the CEO of the City of Miami Springs.  While the Mayor acts as the Chairman of the Board and the Council Members act as board members.

This is an incredibly important hire for the future of Miami Springs and we appreciate that the previous City Council decided to conduct a professional search for the next City Manager.  We hope the Mercer Group will provide the new City Council a pool of highly qualified people interested in protecting the future of Miami Springs.

In the interim, Tammy Romero has extensive experience with the various departments and understanding of the role.  We expect business at City Hall to operate smoothly during this interim period.


  1. Tammy? What a joke! She has bounced around more departments and is not a nice person to deal with. I hope the city finds someone quick.


    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Here we go again.


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