The Miami Springs City Council is beginning the discussion of adding Pickleball Courts to Miami Springs.  This is fantastic as it adds another unique feature to our community for exercise and enjoyment for our residents.  If we’re a country club community we need to invest in country club amenities.

One of the options that came up was to add Pickleball Courts behind the Miami Springs Country Club.  There is ample space that was previously used for archery.  And there is no space to add Pickleball at the current Tennis Center.

Tennis Courts

This discussion led to the idea of moving the entire Tennis Center and adding Pickleball to the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.  The Recreation Director, Omar Luna suggested possibly doing this in stages so that it’s financially feasible.

We fully support Omar Luna’s concept of moving the entire Tennis Center to the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.  Adding Tennis to the Country Club would provide many benefits.  First of all, it’s common to find Tennis Centers incorporated into golf courses.  We need not look far.  In Coral Gables, you can see the Tennis Center right on the Golf Course bordering Granada Boulevard.

Furthermore, having the Tennis Center at the Golf Course will attract more business to the Tennis Center as many people who come and play golf have no clue Miami Springs has a Tennis Center.  On the flip side, by having more people play tennis, they might be intrigued to play golf, thus increasing the golfing revenues.  It’s a win win for both sport.

But it gets better still.  As Mayor Mitchell pointed out at Monday’s meeting, by having Tennis behind the Country Club, it’ll invite more patrons to use the Country Club and support the Pro Shop and the restaurant, Hole 19 Scratch Kitchen and Bar.

Omar Luna also added that the old Tennis Center could be converted into another outdoor recreation facility like an outdoor basketball court.  As you know, the previously available outdoor courts at our local schools have all been locked out in the name of school safety.  And the Rec Center courts are oftentimes reserved for organized sports making it difficult fo the recreational pickup game.

What do you think?  Do you like the idea of moving the Tennis Center to the Country Club?  It has plenty of parking.  Do you think it’ll provide a positive experience for golf and tennis players?  Would you prefer to see the tennis courts stay where they are?  Do you think Pickleball should be added to the Golf Course?  If not, where do you think it should be added if it should be added at all?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or on social media.


  1. Fastest growing sport in America is Pickleball (everyone can play it). More courts are needed everywhere, that’s what the city should be interested in building.

  2. Some of us older tennis folks tried for years to get the city to move the tennis courts to the country club but to No action was every taken. Where the courts are now there is only one regulation court as far as any competition. Adding Pickle ball would be a great idea.

  3. Definitely would love to see the tennis courts move to the country club as for pickle ball I am thrilled to see this court in Miami Springs and would hope it will come this is the new very popular game that many people especially Middle-aged and above are enjoying and it’s a family game so will create a lot more attraction to Miami Springs and families


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