We’d like to thank all the volunteers who sacrificed their time to make the 2022 River Cities Festival a reality.  After back to back years of cancelled festivals, this new team brought back the live entertainment, the food, the fun, and the tradition.  And the weather was fantastic drawing thousands of folks to our community over the three day period.

Was it different this year.  Yes it was a little different.  We loved the usage of Westward Drive.  We loved the outdoor dining outside Siamo’s.

I know there was some chatter about the kids’ world and it was different from the kids’ world of the past.  My understanding is that the vendor that used to operate the rides for kids’ world was no longer operating and new ride vendors were brought in to fit the bill.

Some folks said they wished there were more vendors, food etc.  To them, I might suggest they get more involved in the next year’s Festival.  I’ve personally volunteered with the Festival committee in the past.  I ran the MSSH MEGA Reunion for 10 years and also hosted Festival Bike Rides and I did the River Ride for a few years.  If you want to make improvements, YOU have to get personally involved.

Complaints are cheap and plentiful.  People willing to sacrifice time from their families to commit to our community to make a successful operation even better are a rare and valuable commodity.  Again, I’d like to thank ALL the volunteers for doing their part to bring back this treasured community event that makes Miami Springs a special place.

Highlights from the Festival

Lynne Brooks

Lions Club

Hole 19

Kids World

The Leonard Real Estate Group

Hypnosis for the Soul

Special Message from the Festival Committee:

As the first time Executive Director of the River Cities Festival, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the weekend that just passed. After 2 years of being away the entire team and I are thrilled that we were able to finally come back. We are thrilled that, although far from perfect, we were able to somehow maneuver through the changes that we encountered so that we could, at minimum, restart this beloved tradition. We tested the waters and saw what worked, what definitely didn’t, what can be tweaked or simply what will just have to be. I am beyond satisfied with this opening year and am thankful to the committee that made it possible. Truth is without this committees willingness to take on this amazing project there wouldn’t be a festival for anyone to enjoy and they each deserve that recognition and thanks.

Lynne Brooks
Lygia Truman
Patricia La Font
Richard Puyans
Mikey Gavila
Grizel Garote
Alex Reed

I want to thank the City of Miami Springs. I have done a few festivals in various cities and never have I worked with a city that is so helpful, encouraging and supportive. A city that shows you they want you to succeed. A city that takes their time to reach out to you for a follow-up and an update. We are truly blessed to be a part of such an awesome community.
I would like to thank the City of Miami Springs Public Works team. By far, hands down the best in the world. A team that was non stop the entire weekend. A team that was willing and happy to help, a team that just wasn’t just reactive, but was proactive. I can’t say it enough.

Our city police for making sure we were always safe and that every guest that attended could enjoy the festival without a care.
Every vendor that participated this year. We understand there is still fear on if or if not people will come out to events and you still took a chance. In places I may have fallen short, but every intention was well hearted and we all want nothing but success for all the people that participate.

To all of the bands, DJ’s and solo artists that presented this year. You shared your talents and had this community jumping and dancing.

To every sponsor that contributed in their own way to make this event happen thank you!
Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

The City of Miami Springs
The Village of Virginia Gardens
City of Medley
Siamo’s Restaurante
Hialeah-Miami Springs Rotary Club
The John Kenney Company
Charlie Leonard Realty
Coastal Insurance Group
The Firenze Group

I thank every person that came out to enjoy the festival. This team worked extremely hard to make it happen for your enjoyment. You are the audience and we want this tradition to not just continue, but to always get better. If you have an innovative idea on how to better the festival and you’re ready to spearhead it and make it happen we encourage you to join the committee and watch your idea come to life. If you have suggestions we encourage feedback that we can learn from or if you just want to simply continue enjoying the festival well then you’re truly the smart ones. I had to add at least 1 joke.

With this message I close the 2022 River Cities Festival and say until 2023.

Thank you all.

Executive Director

Photos from the 2020 River Cities Festival


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