UPDATE:  The Tropical Storm Watch has been upgraded to a Tropical Storm Warning!  That means that we are not out of the woods and we are now expecting to see Tropical Storm Force winds in Miami-Dade County.  Winds can start arriving as early as 8pm this evening.

Tropical Storm Warning in Miami-Dade County
Tropical Storm Warning in Miami-Dade County

As you know, schools will be closed tomorrow and Thursday in Miami-Dade County.  Be careful and stay safe out there.

Tropical Storm Watch vs Tropical Storm Warning

A Tropical Storm Watch is issued when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane is approaching and the area under the watch has the possibility of seeing Tropical Storm Force Winds (39 to 73 mph) within 48 hours.  The Watch is not a guarantee that tropical storm conditions will occur.  It only means that the conditions are possible.

A Tropical Storm Warning is issued when sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph associated with a Tropical Storm or Hurricane are expected in 36 hours or less.


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