A huge 18 wheeler semi truck attempted to make a right turn and illegally enter an area that says No Thru Trucks.  Of course, the semi got stuck as you can see below.  Miami Springs Police responded to the incident and the Police were able to free the tractor trailer.

Demos Karantsalis, a Miami Springs resident, captured the following video of the semi truck stuck on the incoming bridge.  You’ll notice MSPD was already on the scene and walking towards the truck.

As you can see, there’s a NO THRU TRUCKS sign at the bridge.  But guess what.  You don’t see that sign if you’re coming eastbound on Okeechobee Road.

Look below.  Where would this poor truck driver see he couldn’t make a right turn?  And seeing as this isn’t the first time a truck has attempted to run in here, the City of Miami Springs should word with the City of Hialeah and the FDOT to install a proper sign indicating NO RIGHT TURN FOR TURCKS on eastbound Okeechobee Road.

No - No thru Truck sign at Okeechobee Road before Swing Bridgea


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