The bass was booming again last night as the party continued till the early morning hours Monday.

We love a great party.  We love the Ultra Music Festival.  We love the clubs of South Beach.  However, we despise what’s happening at Factory Town.

  • Ultra starts early and shuts down at midnight.
  • South Beach Clubs contain their music indoors.
  • Factory Town in Hialeah is outdoors and blasting till 5am on school nights with Concert Level equipment.  (These aren’t your typical rent-a-DJ party speakers.)

We applaud Hialeah’s efforts of turning the old railroad warehouse district into a hip happening place in Hialeah.  We don’t appreciate the inconsiderate nature of blasting the extremely high-powered music OUTDOORS till 5am that carries over 3 miles away into the western edges of Miami Springs.


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Factory Town itself is less than one mile from the edge of Miami Springs (as the crow flies).  At night, when there’s less traffic in Hialeah, and everything is drop dead silent in Miami Springs, the bass sound carries and travels.  There’s nothing to stop the thumping bass from carrying through our entire town.  Heck, even Miami International Airport is quiet during these times and there’s a whole lot more economic benefit coming from MIA than from Factory Town in Hialeah.

To be clear, we’re not some fuddy duddies that don’t want people to have fun.  The party looks amazing.  But let’s be reasonable.  An outdoor concert with music that carries three miles away till 5am on a school night is not reasonable.  An outdoor concert that shuts down at midnight on Friday and Saturday night is reasonable.  That’s no different than our own River Cities Festival.  Of course, the River Cities Festival has never had the type of concert level equipment being used by the folks at Factory Town.


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We called the Hialeah Mayor’s Office and spoke with a representative named Oscar Amuz.  As you might imagine, they’ve been receiving tons of calls about the issue.  He explained to me that they will be discussing this issue first thing this morning as they come up with a plan to address the matter.  He promised to get back to us with their update.  We’ll share that once available.

NOTE:  We received a call back from the Mayor’s Office and they told us there are no future events permitted right now.  However, we’d like to get some assurances that no future events such as this will be allowed to operate till 5am in the future.


  1. It seems as if this former sleepy bedroom community is under siege from other cities and the county.
    We will become roadkill unless we get a competent city attorney, city manager and some people with guts on the council.


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