The Miami Springs Police Department reported that on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at approximately 5:46 p.m., Miami Springs Police Officers responded to a hotel in the 600 block of East Drive in reference to a stabbing.

According to Police, a 67-year-old male hotel clerk was found in the office area incoherent, confused, and had a laceration on his left cheek. Police report that “after a brief period, he was able to tell the officers what occurred.”

Video shows two subjects were involved with the confrontation with the hotel clerk. Miami Springs Police identified the two subjects as Wayne A. Bromfield, Jr. and Tanya Frazier Williams.  In the video, you can see the female subject (identified by Police as Tanya Frazier) enter the office to rent a room.  Police claim the room was reserved under Bromfield, Jr’s name and Frazier Williams provided her ID. Police claim there was an issue with payment that led the three parties to argue.

MSPD alleges that “Bromfield, Jr. told the clerk he would kill him. Williams told Bromfield, Jr. not to at which point Bromfield, Jr. left the room.”

Police allege that Frazier Williams demanded money from the clerk and video shows the female subject forcibly snatching money from the hand of the hotel clerk. Frazier Williams is seen leaving the room.  Then video captures Bromfield, Jr. entering the office and  striking the victim causing the victim to fall and become unconscious.

The incident was caught on the hotel’s cameras. Miami Springs Police claim that “Frazier Williams and Bromfield, Jr. could be seen fleeing in a black four-door Infiniti.”

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, Bromfield, Jr. and Frazier Williams were stopped by Miami-Dade Police allegedly driving the black Infiniti, and Miami Springs Police detectives were notified.

Miami Springs Police allege that Bromfield, Jr. and Frazier Williams admitted to the armed robbery and battery. Bromfield, Jr. allegedly told detectives during the incident, there was a gun in his pocket. Frazier Williams also allegedly advised she was aware Bromfield, Jr. was in possession of a gun during the incident. Police also allege that a 9MM handgun was located inside the Infiniti when they were stopped.

Bromfield and Frazier Williams were both charged with armed robbery and Bromfield, Jr. was also charged with aggravated battery on a person 65 years or older.


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