The Village of Virginia Gardens is also adjusting to COVID-19.  The Village postponed a presentation about the expansion at TGK that was expected to draw a large crowd.  Here’s what the Village of Virgnia Gardens posted on social media:

The Director of Miami-Dade Corrections was scheduled to speak at the Virginia Gardens  March 19, 2020 Council meeting regarding the TGK expansion study. However, the Village decided to postpone his presentation until at least our April 16, 2020 council meeting. We know this specific item will draw large crowds and we want to make sure everyone who wants to attend feels safe enough to do so. We will keep you posted as this situation continues to change. Thanks to all our residents for their continued understanding and patience.

The Village is also taking precautions with the playground.  VG staff is cleaning the playground tot-lot and picnic area daily as it still remains open.  However, the tennis courts and the ball field will remain closed until further notice.


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