The Miami Springs City Council selected Downtown Towing Company as the official towing company for citywide towing services.  This includes towing vehicles after a driver has been arrested and towing vehicles parked illegally on city property (such as overnight parking at Stafford Park).

Miami Springs Towing Services
Miami Springs Towing Services

It was unclear if the towing service would be used to tow vehicles illegally parked on the city swale.  As we’ve reported in the past, there’s been an ongoing problem of vehicles parked illegally along the swale of South Royal Poinciana Boulevard.  As you can see below, there are signs clearly marked as NO STOPPING OR STANDING TOW AWAY ZONE.

This is also an example of what happens when the City of Miami Springs doesn’t require sufficient parking for a residential project. You’ll hear arguments that our parking requirements are 60 years old and don’t take ride sharing and mass transit into account.  Whenever you hear that from a City Official, just point to the disastrous reality at the apartment shown above.




  1. This company has one of the worst reputations in Miami for overcharging and abusing of their victims. Did they tell you where their storage yard is in Overtown? You get your car towed and how do you get there to ramson your car out. Those people living in the apartments are the least likely to afford a week’s groceries to get their car back. There are several towing companies in Hialeah with a much better reputation and easier access.
    An incremental teaching solution would be to cite the violators for a period of time and if that doesn’t work then tow as the last resort.

    • A very important comment. And also Businesses that offer essential services to citizens become public corsairs. For example, insurance. That you pay for years and when you need to make a claim, you have to pay a lawyer. Auto mechanics and others. Pffff!


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