New cases within our zip code dropped last week, but we have yet to drop to the lows of September or even early June.  We had 79 new cases within our zip code last week.  We estimate we had 40 new cases of COVID-19 in Miami Springs last week.  In total, we estimate Miami Springs has had 2,796 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.


In Miami-Dade, the State of Florida Department of Health reported 6,923 new cases of the Coronavirus.  That’s down from the peaks we saw in January, but still higher than the lows from September.  We know we have competing forces with more travelers and Spring Breakers, but also more people vaccinated and frankly, more people who have already gotten the virus.

Fortunately, hospitalizations did go down last week with 180 new hospitalizations in Miami-Dade last week. That’s the lowest number of new hospitalizations since late December.

We lost 72 people to the Coronavirus last week.  That’s two less fatalities than the prior week.  


Statewide, we had over 30,000 new cases last week or the lowest number of new cases since November.  We hope this decline continues as more people get the vaccine.

Fortunately, Florida did see a drop in COVID-19 related fatalities last week.  We lost 414 last week.  That’s the lowest number of weekly fatalities since November.

Starting Monday, all adults 18 and over can get the vaccine.  Do everything you can to get the vaccine to protect your health and protect the health of the most vulnerable among us.  The sooner we get herd immunity, the sooner we say goodbye to COVID-19.

Stay safe and Happy Easter.


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