Rebeca Sosa has served as Miami-Dade County Commissioner since 2001.  However, due to term limits, her tenure will end this November.  As a result, four candidates are vying to take over as Miami-Dade County Commissioner for District 6.  We had the honor of meeting with each of the candidates one-on-one and ask them about their priorities as well as some of the challenges facing Miami-Dade County.

Who will replace Rebeca Sosa?
Who will replace Rebeca Sosa?

What is District 6?

District 6 extends north to the southern portions of Hialeah.  It includes Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens.  The district also extends further south to include Miami International Airport, Coral Gables, West Miami, and parts of Flagami.    District 6 includes Miami Springs and Virginia Gardens.   Vazquez explained to us in the interview, he’ll be able to represent and advocate for Miami Springs residents in the County as well as to advocate for the other areas of District 6 including Virginia Gardens, Hialeah, Miami, and Coral Gables.

Miami-Dade County Commission District 6 Map

Candidates for Miami-Dade County District 6

Here are the four candidates in alphabetical order:

  • Kevin Marino Cabrera
  • Dariel Fernandez
  • Jorge Fors
  • Victor Vazquez

Before choosing the next Miami-Dade County Commissioner for District 6, we invite you to watch the 4 candidates we interviewed below:

Kevin Marino Cabrera – 110

Dariel Fernandez – 111

Jorge Fors – 112

Victor Vazquez – 113

Election Day:

Remember, election day is August 23rd.  Research the candidates and then go out and vote.

Election Day August 23
Election Day August 23


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