The City of Miami Springs City Council voted 3 – 2 to raise the millage rate by 1% from 6.9100 to 6.9900.  The debate was passionate on both sides with strong arguments for and against raising the millage rate.

Part of the concern of the budget is that the City of Miami Springs will be running a budget deficit next year.  In order to balance the budget, the council would need to raise the millage rate significantly higher.

Fortunately, the City of Miami Springs does have excess reserves in the general fund.  In other words, there’s enough money to keep the millage rate below 7.0000 while still maintaining a safety reserve.

Miami Springs City Council Meeting
Miami Springs City Council Meeting

Jorge Santin“…We are borrowing from Paul to pay Peter…We have no clear picture…Possible couple of years of having these tough deficits and where would that put us if we have two more years like this…”

Jacky Bravo“…We are lowering the millage rate to be in a deficit…The City is living out of its means right now…Lowering the millage rate with a surplus would be ideal…”

Walter Fajet“…Some people are making less this year than last year….I think it’s totally unfair…We owe it to the residents to lower it…”

Victor Vazquez“…The reserve is not something that replenishes easily…We need to be as close to balancing this thing as close as we can…”

Mayor Mitchell“…Inflation was high last year…We gave a 4% COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) to employees…We added a new police officer…I won’t vote for anything unless we are lowering it…”

Captain Nihal Perea spoke up on the item and said the average cost to the homestead owner is just over $5.00. He supported the 1% increase from 6.9100 to 6.9900.

Councilwoman Bravo made a motion to set the millage rate at 6.9900.  Councilman Vazquez seconded the motion.  The first reading passed by a vote of 3 – 2:

  • Jorge Santin:  Yes
  • Jacky Bravo:   Yes
  • Walter Fajet:  No
  • Victor Vazquez:  Yes
  • Maria Mitchell:  No

This was the first reading.  The final millage rate will be set at the next City Council Meeting after the second reading.  This provides residents the ability to share their thoughts with the Council Members before that next critical vote.

What do you think?  Should the City use more of its reserves to keep taxes as is or lower them further?  Should the City of Miami Springs raise the millage in order to leave more of the reserve funds untouched?

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  1. This was my first time watching the whole the budget process. Although this article down plays the tax hike by listing it at 1% and using the sound bite a complimentary soundbite. It doesn’t touch upon the fact that this is the first millage hike in several years. The Mayor said the high millage is the #1 issue brought up in the failed annexation. I also feel for city leadership attempting to investors, one of the few positives is now gone.

    Sadly to the lay person it seems like Councilwoman Bravo is once again attempting to make a name for herself. Remember when she wanted to create a color palette to dictate what color you could paint your home?

    Councilman Vazquez seems like a nice guy and possibly a great educator but in most of these meetings he seems out of touch or lost.

    I hope some better qualified residents step and run to help support the Mayor and Councilman Fajet.

    • Councilwoman Bravo does not care about making an name for herself. She does this for the city. She makes numerical sense. Do you know what the cities financial deficit currently is before jumping to conclusions that she wants to hurt us. I did the math on my account my tax impact is $55.08 extra for the year. She’s well accomplished I don’t think this decision will make her anything except that maybe you should listen to why she made a motion to go with the cap rate of 6.99 which is 0.08 more than the current. She has served well and with integrity. As for Councilman Fajet I agree with you..maybe a little coffee could help…

  2. Lower the millage would be best. If millage,or taxes keep been raised as a retired senior I will be forced to sale my home (and many other as well), which here in this beautiful city I have lived and worked for over 36 years and where I only feel safe and like to live in my golden years. Thank you for taking the time in reading my note and taking in consideration our thoughts as a community.


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