Miami Springs Senior High Aerospace Academy recently joined forces with Pan Am Museum, Miami Springs Historical Society, World Wings members, and esteemed aviation historians in a remarkable collaboration. Their mission? To bestow historical status upon Pan Am Hangar 5, a significant site for aviation enthusiasts.

Pan Am Hangar 5, dating back to the 1920s, stands as a testament to the roots of aviation, being the pioneering creation of Pan Am World Airways. Its historical value is immeasurable, echoing the beginnings of aeronautical advancements.

In a subsequent move, the group engaged with the Miami Springs Historical Society board. Their goal: establishing a satellite exhibit right within the school’s walls. Focused on Pan Am’s rich history and Eastern Airlines’ legacy, this exhibit aims to educate students about these iconic airlines’ profound impact on their city.

Adding to the excitement, World Atlantic generously contributed MD-80 seats to the classroom. Repurposed into a conference room table, these seats embody a tangible connection to aviation history.

This collaborative effort underscores the vital synergy between educational institutions and organizations devoted to preserving aviation’s past. Kudos to all involved in this endeavor!



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