It’s no surprise that Miami Springs gets a ton of tourists every year staying at one of the many hotels located within city limits.  Our proximity to the airport makes it very convenient for anyone flying into our city.

Furthermore, the sky high hotel prices on the beach, makes the mostly moderately priced hotels along NW 36th Street and LeJeune Road an appealing alternative.  This is especially true for business travelers and folks flying in to take a cruise ship.

Wyndham Garden Hotel on 36th Street in Miami Springs
Wyndham Garden Hotel on 36th Street in Miami Springs

So it’s surprising to see our small town of Miami Springs show up on a national list of Top Trending Fall Destinations in the USA.

NW 36th Street at the EB Hotel
NW 36th Street at the EB Hotel

Yeah.  Seriously.  Miami Springs is the #3 trending destination this fall according to TripAdvisor.  Here are the top 10 trending destinations:

  1. Little Torch Key, Florida
  2. Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
  3. Miami Springs, Florida
  4. Hawley, Pennsylvania
  5. Carefree, Arizona
  6. Reno, Nevada
  7. Cape Canaveral, Florida
  8. Holmes Beach, Florida
  9. Rutherford, California
  10. Indio, California

One of the things Miami Springs leaders have tried to do, but frankly have yet to be successful, is to get all these travelers to spend more time at local Miami Springs businesses and restaurants.

Miami Springs Golf and Country Club (Copyright
Miami Springs Golf and Country Club (Copyright

First and foremost on the list, we need to do a better job enticing vacationers to use our Golf and Country Club.  While it’s easier for the hotels situated on Fairway Drive that enjoy a golf course view, it’s not apparent for the hotels further east or on LeJeune Road.

Miami Springs Golf Course (Copyright
Miami Springs Golf Course (Copyright

We also do a piss poor job telling people who drive up and down NW 36th Street that there’s a world class golf course just a block away.

Next, we need to use our history, our landmarks, and our walking paths to get vacationers to go for a walk and explore our beautiful community and the many delicious restaurants in Miami Springs.  Come see the statue of Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation.  Come see a replica of the June Bug or the NC-4, the first plane to cross the Atlantic.  Of course, we don’t have those historic draws yet.  But if we did, we could pull vacationers to discover more of Miami Springs than just NW 36th Street.

What do you think?  Do you like the idea of drawing more vacationers to the heart of Miami Springs.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via social media.




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