Over 36,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in the State of Florida.  Of those, 6,035 have required hospitalization or 17%.  Again, that means 83% of the people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus have not needed hospitalization.  Florida has had 1,379 fatalities or a 3.8% fatality rate based on confirmed cases.  That means 96.2% of people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus have survived so far.  That’s above and beyond people who may have caught the Coronavirus and never displayed symptoms.

The Coronavirus is incredibly infectious and highly fatal (relative to other viruses).  Florida is not in a position to cheer with over 1300 people who have died from the virus within our state. However, we are doing better than other states.  New York has nearly 10 times more cases than Florida and unfortunately nearly 19,000 fatalities.  I know people freak out about opening the beaches, but I’m still surprised New York subways remain open.  I’ll take my chances on a sunny beach with wide open spaces over a cramped underground subway any day. Texas has done relatively well with less cases than Florida despite having a larger population.  The Texas death rate is also lower at just 3% compared to Florida’s 4%.  Nevertheless, both rates are better than Michigan’s scary 9% mortality rate.


Miami-Dade has nearly 13,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.  We’ve had 1,664 hospitalizations within the County or a 13% hospitalization rate.  The fatality rate in the County is at 2.9% for 369 deaths.  Those ratios are based on the number of confirmed cases.  Fortunately, as you can see in the chart below, new cases by day has continued to to follow the declining trend.  We need to start opening certain aspects of our lives again, but as we do so, we must continue to wash our hands, keep apart (social distancing), and wear a mask in public areas.


We now have 198 local confirmed cases within our area.  That’s more than double from a week ago, mostly due to the revelations from Fair Havens. As we reported last week, Fair Havens has 106 confirmed cases associated with the facility including 89 residents and 17 staff members.  (Click to read more about Fair Havens.)

As you can see in the following chart, the Florida Department of Health is reporting 198 cases of COVID-19 within our area, zip code 33166.

As we’ve reported over and over.  Miami Springs only represents 55% of the population of 33166.  In other words, not all 198 cases are within our city.  Some will be in VG, Medley, Doral, and unincorporated Miami-Dade.  Nevertheless, we find it somewhat comical that the Florida Department of Health still only reports 4 cases within our city.  Yet, the same department is reporting 89 residents at Fair Havens were confirmed to be positive with 3 confirmed fatalities and 1 fatality under investigation.  Here’s the point:  The Florida Department of Health’s municipality report is completely inaccurate and cannot be used to determine how many people have the virus within our city.  This is why we switched a few weeks ago to report based on the number within our zip code which seems to be a much more accurate picture.

I know that some people thought we were “speculating” that Miami Springs had more cases.  No, we weren’t speculating.  We just knew that the municipality report was full of errors and could not be trusted.  Even if it’s from an “official” source, “Official” sources have been proven to be wrong at times.


Estimated cases based on the recent UM study that states 6% of the randomly tested population within the county were found to have COVID-19 antibodies.


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