#2 – Reasons We LOVE Miami Springs – Trees, Canopy, Greenery

Top 20 Reasons We LOVE Miami SpringsMiami Springs is a proud recipient of Tree City USA designation.  And residents in the community love the trees, the canopy, and overall greenery of Miami Springs.

Let’s go back to the satellite view of Miami Springs.  If you look at the map below, you immediately notice that Miami Springs is shaped like a triangle…a very GREEN TRIANGLE.

Then look at the rest of Miami-Dade County.  Miami Springs is literally a green oasis surrounded by the concrete jungle of greater Miami.

Miami-Dade Map Featuring Miami Springs

Many of the reasons discussed earlier have helped Miami Springs enjoy such a beautiful canopy of trees and green.  The low density housing and large lots provide homeowners with ample private green space and loads of trees.  Our big beautiful 18 hole golf course provides acres of green space you can enjoy walking, biking, driving, or even viewing from space in the satellite photos.  Plus, Miami Springs is a mature neighborhood with some trees that are nearly 100 years old having withstood the test of time, mother nature, and several hurricanes throughout their lives.

Sunset over Miami Springs

When you drive throughout the concrete jungle of Miami-Dade county, it is incredibly peaceful, enjoyable, and relaxing to take in the quiet streets and lush beautiful landscapes and canopies of Miami Springs.  The stress of the day begins to melt almost immediately.

Of course, you don’t have to drive to enjoy the tree canopy.  Take a walk or bike along the many bike paths to enjoy some fresh air, warm South Florida sunshine, and a cool breeze under the tree canopies.

Miami Springs residents have fought hard to preserve the beautiful trees that really make Miami Springs a beautiful place now and for generations to come.

Of course, part of what makes our trees look so beautiful, is our lengthy, and bountiful rainy season.  While the typical afternoon thunderstorm can dampen a few minutes of the day, the daily deluge makes everything green and beautiful.

Plus, the warm tropical client provides an incredibly diverse amount of green trees you just don’t find up north.  From Royal Palms to bamboos to coconut trees to live oak trees, you will find an incredible volume and variety of trees and plants in Miami Springs.

It’s no wonder the Miami Springs Community voted our tree canopy and greenery as their 2nd favorite thing about Miami Springs.

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