The latest counts now show 214 local cases of the Coronavirus within our zip code 33166.  Of course, that also includes the 90 residents who were confirmed with the Coronavirus at Fair Havens Assisted Living Facility.  Fair Havens has also had 38 staff members that have tested positive for the Coronavirus, but those staff members do not necessarily live within our zip code.  Nevertheless, it’s been a tragic week here in Miami Springs to lose precious loved ones to this awful virus.  (As a reminder, Miami Springs represents 55% of the population within our zip code.)

Miami Springs Police were seen rushing to Fair Havens on Mother’s Day.  It was not clear what had required the heavy police response on Sunday.

According to WPLG local 10, dozens of Fair Havens residents confirmed to have the virus were transferred to Hialeah Hospital on Sunday.  Watch the WPLG report.

In Miami-Dade, there have now been over 14,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with over 2,000 hospitalizations or a 15% hospitalization rate.  Miami-Dade has had nearly 500 fatalities or a 3.5% fatality rate.

The number of new cases confirmed in Miami-Dade County has continued to decrease.  This is a good sign as Miami-Dade prepares for a phase 1 re-opening beginning on Monday, May 18th.  NOTE:  That re-opening will NOT include Miami-Dade beaches, but it will include many businesses including some limited restaurant openings. This will be a much needed boost to our local economy and hopefully allow for the rehiring of thousands of locals who have been left without a job.

In the State of Florida, there have been 40,596 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Over 7,000 people have required hospitalization or nearly 18%.  Sadly, we have lost 1,721 people to the Coronavirus within the State of Florida for a 4.2% fatality rate.



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