Alleged Burglars Caught on Camera Christmas Eve


Casey Sierra, a Virginia Gardens resident, posted this Christmas Eve video showing two men allegedly attempting to break into her home near Blessed Trinity. Here’s what she posted on the Miami Springs Community Facebook Group:

“Merry Christmas! These 2 lovely gentleman decided it was okay to come and try to take things that don’t belong to them. Be on the lookout and stay vigilant neighbors!”

Dario Navarro (Casey Sierra’s husband) posted these photos to the Miami Springs Community group of the same alleged burglars that broke into his home in Virginia Gardens on Christmas Eve.

Here’s what Dario posted:

“Here is a pic of one of the thugs that broke into our home in VG on Xmas Eve and one of their car… 2007-2020 Toyota Sequoia (dark grayish/brown). VGPD has been given plenty of footage so hopefully they can find these POS low life”

If you have any information that could assist these homeowners, you are urged to contact the Virginia Gardens Police Department at 305.871.3141.





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