Miami Springs resident, Charles Sauer, caught this picture of an adult American Alligator crossing Ludlam in Miami Springs.  The alligator was crossing from the Melrose Canal to the Ludlam Canal.

As you can see, he was just moving off the road and onto the bike path on his way to the canal.

Alligator Crossing Ludlam (Photo courtesy Charles Sauer)
Alligator Crossing Ludlam (Photo courtesy Charles Sauer)

Folks, as you know, Alligators are not invasive species like iguanas and muscovy ducks.  American alligators are native and can be found in all fresh water bodies of water within the entire State of Florida.

Alligators are generally shy of people which is why it’s important never to feed alligators.  Alligators, however, are known to be aggressive towards other animals.  Especially curious small dogs.

This is a nice reminder that we share our city with these legendary reptiles.  We don’t have to fear them, but we need to be aware of their presence.


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