G-Five Training and Wellness had its grand opening event on Friday, and we got an exclusive introduction to the awesome facility by the owner, William Garcia.  He explains that the focus is on strength training without injury.  It’s a self proclaimed “No Burpee” zone.

As Garcia explains, “it’s a cardio based strength training program.”  They avoid the really heavy weights.  They prefer repetition for strength training.

If you want to train, but want to avoid the Burpees and Box Jumps, this is definitely the place to go.  And they have all the equipment you’ll want without the abuse you don’t want.

You’re invited!

If you missed last week’s Grand Opening, you’re still invited to visit G-5 Training and Wellness’ upcoming Meet and Cheat Event!

Meet and Cheat

Come check out G-Five Training and Wellness for yourself during their Meet and Cheat event, this Thursday from 5pm – 8pm.

  • Try wines, cheeses, and cupcakes
  • Learn more about the G-Five Concept
  • See the facility for yourself
  • Meet the G-Five Team
  • Schedule your 3 Free Sessions


5425 Fairway Drive in Miami Springs, Florida.
(Just off NW 36th Street and NW 57th Avenue.)


Schedule your 3 Free Sessions.  Just call / text 305.794.1228.


As you can see in the video above, G-Five Training and Wellness has all the great equipment you’ll want.  But the important thing is the training you’ll receive for proper form and injury prevention.  They want you to work out, not kill yourself.

Kettle Balls

Dumb Bells

Medicine Balls 


Keeping consistent with the idea of strength training through movement, G-Five also features a Yoga room.  It’s important to strengthen your body, but if your body is inflexible and/or too tight, you’re more susceptible to injury.

The Yoga room provide 5-Five clients the ability to stretch their body for improved flexibility and quality stress relief.


In addition to getting in great shape, you’re supporting a local business owned by a local Miami Springs / VG couple.




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