It was another awesome Halloween for family fun, trick or treating, in the traditional door to door style that makes Miami Springs special and draws hundreds (if not thousands) each year.  For our trick or treating adventure, we hit Plover Avenue, and it was one heck of a party.

There were hundreds upon hundreds of trick or treaters along Plover.  Residents went all out with decorations, candy, music, costumes, haunted houses, smoke machines, lights, and more.  Plover was an all out multi-block family block party.

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Amazing neighbors!

As you know, it was hot and muggy last night.  And neighbors were kind enough to offer bottled water and lemonade to children sweating under their masks and costumes.


One resident did a headcount of trick or treaters.  They counted 656 trick or treaters!  That’s awesome!!!

Everyone was having good clean family fun.  Most cars were very respectful and slowed down significantly for the safety of the children and pedestrians.

Hats off to all the residents in Miami Springs who made the 2019 Halloween a memorable one.


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