Let’s get to the bad news right away.  There were 2,375 reported COVID-19 fatalities in Florida last week.  That’s the highest number of weekly fatalities since the start of the pandemic.


The good news is that the number of new cases has dropped significantly statewide.  The number is still high with 109,494 new cases, but down significantly from the 160,000+ numbers we saw in the prior two weeks.


In Miami-Dade County, you can see we’re on the downward slide of our 3rd COVID-19 wave.  As you can see, Miami-Dade’s 3 waves all peaked at the same height whereas the State saw a much bigger spike with the 3rd wave associated with the Delta variant.  I believe Miami-Dade fared better than the State of Florida due to a higher vaccination rate in Miami-Dade County versus the vaccination rate statewide.


73% of the fatalities in Florida last week were from older people aged 60 and older.  There were 1,698 Floridians 60 and older who passed away from COVID-19 last week.  If you’re 60 or older and have not been vaccinated, please get vaccinated.  COVID-19 is brutal on older people.

16% of the fatalities came Floridians in their 50s.  Folks, the older you are, the more susceptible you are to have serious complications from COVID.

There were 166 Floridians in their 40s who died last week from COVID-19.  You’re not invincible.  Get vaccinated and protect your family.

There were 20,204 new cases of COVID-19 reported last week among Floridians in their 30s.  That represents 16% of all new cases.  We lost 64 Floridians in their 30s last week or 3% of last week’s COVID fatalities.

Young adults between 16-29 represented 19% of all new cases last week.  No surprise that young adults spread the virus more.  However, there were 39 young adults who died from COVID-19 last week.

Kids under 16 represented the highest number of new cases with 35,087 new cases last week or 27% of all COVID-19 cases last week.  Not surprising with kids finally socializing again back in school.  As you can see, regardless of mask mandate, it almost doesn’t matter.  Kids will be kids.  Only 1 child under 16 died last week from COVID-19 complications.



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