It’s been a lifelong dream.  To step foot in a land where my family came from.  A beautiful land just 90 miles away.  A land that is strangled by a brutal communist dictatorship, lies, propaganda, doctrines, and the promotion of fear.  A land that has controlled its population for decades with brutal tactics including limiting access to food.

We arrive at the summer of 2021.  An historic opportunity where they’ve taken away so much from the people of Cuba, that ultimately, they took away their fear.  Now you see an uprising in the streets.  A golden opportunity to help people win back their country.

Everyone in Miami is frustrated, wanting to do something to help the people in Cuba.  Frustrated we can’t help feed them.  Frustrated we can’t fight next to them.  Frustrated we can’t free them ourselves.

So what can we do?  What can we do from Miami to help the people in Cuba?

Here’s a list of some of the things we can do in Miami, but we want your ideas and opinions on how to successfully overturn the Communist regime in Cuba once and for all:


We need strong Political Support for the Cuban people in Washington, D.C.  U.S. Senator Marco Rubio has been leading the way, but we want support from all our representatives regardless of Party Affiliation.  This is not a Republican / Democrat thing.  This is about a FREE Cuba once and for all.  There will be great glory for the President that finally topples the communist regime.

  • Ask President Joe Biden for the following
    • Wireless Internet Access for the Cuban People
    • A meeting of the Organization of American States demanding for change in Cuba
    • A meeting of the UN Security Council condemning the actions in Cuba
    • A direct appeal from Joe Biden asking the Cuban military to stand with the Cuban people and denounce the communist regime

  • Ask Your Congressional Representatives for more pressure
    • We need stronger action against Cuba
    • We need to communicate directly with the Cuban people
    • We need stronger condemnation of the Communist Regime
    • We need a liberation plan for the people of Cuba


Many people are seeing for the first time what it’s like to live in Communist Cuba.  The images, videos, and stories coming from the island is very compelling.  Social Media has given the oppressed people of Cuba power to share what life is really like.  And if you listen to their pleas, you quickly see they just want FREEDOM!  Libertad, Libertad, Libertad.

Please share the bravery of the Cuban people to your social media networks.  The people of Cuba are desperately seeking freedom using rocks and sticks against guns and batons.  Share their plight with your friends and family.


We need to offer the people of Cuba humanitarian support.  However, as you know, if you just give it to the government, they use it as a way to pay off the people who support the government.  In other words, it’s not distributed fairly and equitably.

Donate to pay for cell phones


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Could you imagine a humanitarian flotilla from Key West to Havana Harbor with thousands of boats, Cruise Ships, Naval Hospital Ships, all heading to Cuba and escorted by an


This is a long shot, but could you imagine a humanitarian flotilla from Key West to Havana Harbor with thousands of boats, Cruise Ships, Naval Hospital Ships, all heading to Cuba and escorted by an Aircraft Carrier Group (Code Name USS Maine).

If we go as a massive humanitarian force backed by the US Navy the Cuban Navy and Air Force would be suicidal to attack.

This would be a great way to establish a beachhead of freedom and support for the Cuban people without being an offensive operation.  Yes.  This is risky.  The Cuban Air Force could strafe approaching vessels.  This is why we would need an overwhelming force that by its presence alone would deter an attack.


Folks, this is a huge issue for us here in Miami, but turn on the national news.  It’s hardly hitting the radar.  To get action, we need Cuba to be the leading headlines.  I don’t know what it’s going to take, but we need stronger national media support to win the support of the freedom loving American people to join our efforts for a free Cuba.


Folks, the United States is a free country and you can choose whatever religion you want or no religion at all.  However, for those who have some faith, we ask that you pray for the people of Cuba.  The Lord responds to our prayers.  Not always in the fashion or timing we want, but he does answer our prayers.  Please pray for a peaceful transition to a free Cuba.

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church Sunrise


Organize and/or attend pro freedom rallies, caravans, boat parades.  Let us show the people of Cuba that they are not alone.  They are not forgotten.  Freedom loving people throughout the world are in support of the brave men and women rebelling against the Communist Regime.  In Miami Springs, residents put together a rally right here on Curtiss Parkway.  Then share it on social media.

Miami Springs Marches for Cuban Freedom


The Cuban exile community is very emotional right now.  Seeing Cubans being beaten, shot, and arrested for seeking freedom is incredibly frustrating for us in the states.  We worry about family members in the island.  Will they be arrested or beaten?  What will the government reprisals be for not falling in line to the will of the Communist regime?


Military support is needed, but it does not have to include bloodshed.  Here are some options for military support.

  • Use our intelligence apparatus to gain maximum information on the island
  • Build up our Navy presence and begin encircling the island, but stay in international waters
    • This will force the Cuban government to pay more attention to our Navy and less on the people on the streets
  • Begin military flights probing Cuban radar systems and installations, but staying within international air space
    • Again, this will cause sleepless nights for the Cuban leadership
  • More provocative steps include:
    • Direct flyovers of Cuba with air drops
    • Drop food, water, medicine, cell phones, chargers
    • We can even air drop weapons to allow the Cuban people themselves to arm and defend themselves.





Here’s a partial list of benefits Americans will receive if Cuba were free!  Please add other benefits in the comments section.

  • Morally, it is right and just for Americans to help their immediate neighbors.
  • Eliminate the Chinese and Russian spying operations just 90 miles away
  • Make the Western Hemisphere safer
  • Eliminate the biggest supporter of the Venezuelan dictatorship
  • Peace in the Caribbean
  • The economic benefits of trade and travel with a new democracy
  • New American Jobs
    • A free Cuba will need to dramatically improve its infrastructure
    • They will need American companies to manage the local workforce
    • Export and freight forwarding will dramatically increase in Miami
    • Cuba will quickly become a significant trade partner for the United States
    • Miami will see a massive increase in exports and imports to and from Cuba
  • Travel Opportunities
    • The demand to visit a FREE Cuba is greater than the demand to visit a Communist Cuba
    • We will see a huge increase in flights from MIA – Boat trips from Key West
    • Cruise Trips around the island
    • Eco tourism – Cuba’s diverse landscapes as well as Cuba’s underwater treasures

  • Real Estate
    • A free and democratic society will open up some of the richest land investment opportunities we’ll see in a lifetime.
    • Yes, it’ll be risky at first, but it will also be a bargain
  • Banking
    • American banking firms will want to establish footholds in Cuba to provide banking for tourists, investors, and businesses alike
  • Agriculture
    • Cuban was known for its Sugar.  It would be so sweet to taste the world’s finest sugar
    • Tobacco anyone?  Tobacco farming and exports would be a huge win for both nations

For all these to happen, we’ll need a FREE Cuban Democracy with Capitalist principles that would allow the Cuban people to finally benefit from the fruits of their labor.


This is the song and the anthem for the current movement.  We, the freedom loving people of the world, need to do everything in our power to help the Cubans achieve liberty and freedom.



Do you care about the plight of the Cuban people?

Do you think we should help them?

What would you do to help the Cuban people?

Should the U.S. get more involved?

Should the U.S. Military get involved?

What else can we do to help the Cuban people?

Please share your thoughts in the Comments or via Social Media.


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