The property that used to house Barry’s Cleaners, which controversially removed existing parking to expand its square footage, appears to be ready to open with new businesses.


As you may have noticed driving near Hook Square, a couple of tenants have started putting up their signs for their new businesses.

The first new business is LashMakers.  As the name implies, it appears to be a brand new beauty salon.  Of course, this is a highly competitive industry within Miami Springs, but this will provide customers an opportunity at a new and upgraded location.

The second business is called Palm Over Palm First Aid & CPR Corp.  The business describes itself as South Florida’s #1 leading provider of lifesaving courses…”


We are thrilled to welcome the new businesses to our beautiful community.  Of course, we are still concerned about parking, or lack thereof, as these businesses come online.

According to. the Parking Study commissioned by the City of Miami Springs and conducted by THA Consulting, the Barry’s Cleaner’s Development project includes 8,030 square feet of commercial use and 6 parking spaces.  The parking study estimates a weekday peak demand of 33 parking spaces and a weekend peak demand of 46 parking spaces.  The property only has 6 on-premise parking spaces so that’s a peak shortfall of 40 parking spaces.

Hook Square Alley

(REPORT COMMENTARY / OPINION:  The Barry’s Cleaners project took away existing covered parking (see photo below) in order to increase the square footage, but is projected to have a parking shortfall of up to 46 parking spaces.  Where are these people going to park?) 

Barry's Cleaners Parking at the Triangle Shops
Barry’s Cleaners Parking at the Triangle Shops

Again, we’re happy to see these new businesses opening and with them all nothing but success.  But there’s a reason why we were concerned when the development removed some of the available parking it had available in order to increase its square footage.

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