Karaoke Fridays are Fun Again at the Country Club


Thanks to the father and son duo of Patrick and Yannick Kemmache, the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club is roaring again with great food, great crowds, and great entertainment.

On Fridays, they’ve reintroduced Karaoke Friday.  An incredibly fun and interactive night of entertainment.  You might come in for dinner, but you’ll likely stay ordering drinks for the entertainment.

From locals to newcomers, everyone was enjoying the live, family friendly entertainment.  So get your singing voice ready and head on down to Hole 19, the wonderful new restaurant inside the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.

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And if you don’t sing, don’t worry.  Enjoy a great meal and have a couple of drinks while you enjoy the fantastic variety of live entertainment.  The music covers a wide variety of genres and eras to entertain everyone.

Karaoke Fridays

Enjoy live Karaoke every Friday night at Hole 19 Restaurant located inside the beautiful Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.

Special shout out to Sydney Garton for her wonderful performance last Friday night at the Miami Springs Golf and Country Club.

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