The folks at Barstool Sports have a spinoff called One Bite Pizza Reviews where they have “Dave” come by to local Pizza joints, take a single bite of the Pizza and he gives his immediate, raw and unfiltered feedback.  Warning:  His language can get salty.  Okay.  You’ve been warned.

Roman’s Pizza

Not surprisingly, he liked Roman’s Pizza.  Had a lot of good things to say about the pizza and the crust.  He called it a great football pizza.  He gave it a 7.4 rating.

Siamo’s Pizza

Dave was not very kind to Siamo’s Pizza.  Of course, he doesn’t know his geography.  Oye, Dave.  Miami Springs is not Hialeah.  You’re in Miami Springs.  Not Hialeah.


Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest. He takes a single bite of the pizza.  Warning:  Siamo fans are not going to like this review.  Dave called it the blandest pizza he’s ever tasted.  Ouch!  He added, “not awful, just super bland.”  He rated it 5.9 after calling it bland AF.

Okay, this guy just upset a lot of huge fans of Siamo’s Pizza who crave the unique flavors and ingredients at one of the community’s beloved eateries.

What do you guys think of Dave’s reviews?  Leave your feedback in the comments section below or share your thoughts via social media.


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