With 83% of the precincts reporting, Joe Biden was beating Bernie Sanders taking 62% of the votes compared to Bernie Sanders 23%.  It’s no surprise that Florida was going to be a struggle for Bernie after he had praised some of Fidel Castro’s policies.

At 8:45pm and with 83% of the precincts reporting, Joe Biden had 1,023,584 votes compared to Bernie Sanders’ 378,024 votes.

Republican Primary

President Donald Trump

Donald Trump had 94% of the Republican vote (not unexpected for a sitting President) with 1,133,597 votes.

Voting at Miami Springs Rec Center
Empty Polls on St. Patrick’s Day 2020 as Voters stayed away due to COVID-19


It was sad to see barely anyone at the polls on election day.  Obviously, many people were staying away due to risks of catching and/or spreading the Chinese Coronavirus (aka COVID-19).  Usually, you see people outside the polls rooting for their candidates.  I can tell you there was nobody outside the Rec Center.  In fact, there was plenty of parking and virtually no one inside.  Of course, the Rec Center is closed for normal operations.

Looking ahead, it appears it’s going to be a race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.


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