The State of Florida reported 111 COVID related fatalities across the state last week.  The numbers don’t differentiate someone who died from COVID complications compared to someone who died from organ failure that also happened to have COVID.  Regardless, we hate to see anyone die with COVID.

New cases set a record with 430,297 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Florida. Fortunately, it appears most of the spread has come from the OMICRON variant that is more virulent, but far less deadly.

Looking at last week, the fatality rate was at 0.026% overall.   (111 fatalities / 430,297 cases)  This is great news as the risk of dying from this current variant is far lower than Delta was during the summer of 2021.

This variant has also decreased the risk factor for seniors.  The Case Fatality Rate we reported last week was at 8.2% for those 65 and older.  Now the Case Fatality Rate for seniors has decreased to 7.6%.  It’s great to see this number continue to drop.  This is due to a combination of the less deadly OMICRON variant and the higher rates of vaccinations among seniors.


We encourage everybody to get the COVID-19 “vaccine.”  But at some point, we need to stop calling the vaccines a vaccine.  Vaccines prevent you from catching a disease and spreading it.  The COVID vaccines are more like Flu shots.  The Flu Shot doesn’t prevent you from catching the flu or spreading it, but it does help you from getting severe complications from the flu.  The COVID “vaccines” do the same thing.  They help you and your body to fight off COVID and reduce your chances of hospitalization and even death.  This is a good thing.  But it’s time we be honest and call it what it is.  The COVID-19 vaccine is more like an annual flu shot than a traditional vaccine.

Again, we encourage everyone to get the COVID “vaccine” and get the booster if you’re eligible for the booster. Of course, for the best medical guidance, you should see your doctor or primary care physician who understands your medical history, your current situation, and what the best course of action is for your needs.


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